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Why Use Multi-Panel Drug Test Kits At The Workplace?

Federal law requires that employers are drug-free workplaces. Employers must ensure that employees are protected and well. This is because they are a major contributor to the company’s bottom line. One way to ensure that this environment exists without sacrificing either safety or efficiency is by conducting workplace tests.

When it comes to workplace urine tests, the drug testing kits are essential. Not only are they simple sufficient for most people but they can also be obtained quickly and precisely with just one test confirming the fact that your employee is using drugs at work if you know what drug he was taking beforehand. This is a possibility in situations when the person isn’t sure of the type or quantity of substance that contributed to their good results. Multi-panel kits are offered to help solve these issues. They allow users to access multiple panels, meaning they can obtain accurate data from all classes.

Employers can detect whether their employees are taking prescription medications through the use of multi-panel kits. These kits have several panels that are able to detect different drugs as well as newcomer testers, so you will never worry about getting caught off guard when it’s time to handle the business.

Urine tests are the most widely used drug testing kit available. They are able to detect between 2 and 12 drugs at the same time which includes cocaine and marijuana. But, they can also detect other favorite substances like amphetamines and barbiturates. Urine specific antibodies bind to these substances and trigger a color change after microwaves are applied to its surface.

They’re worth it

Some employees may be worried about privacy because single drug tests can only find specific substances. Multi-panel tests can identify more drugs. This is because they are less likely to require repeated testing than single panel kits. Single panel kits can be costly and aren’t performed often or frequently as employers would prefer. All it depends on is the culture of your business. Here are some advantages:

Employees cannot evade detection if their drug test finds the most frequently abused prescription or illicit drugs. Employers frequently ignore those who abuse drugs or label them as poor.

Many employees prefer giving their samples , if they have the option. Employers are able to easily gather a single set of samples from employees and send it to the company to the appropriate authorities, which can save time and avoid any awkward interactions with colleagues who may be taking drugs in the workplace.

Drug tests are an established way to ensure that employees remain drug-free. However, it can cost a lot for employers who need to test every employee individually using the individual tests that cost more than tests with multiple panels that don’t require the same amount of samples from each worker , and thus reduce costs in some cases.

Employees and employers will find the test kits simple to use, even without expert assistance. They are available anytime and even on the job.

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