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Things You Need To Know About Yemen Emergency Appeal

Yemen is currently in a humanitarian crisis. The most severe cholera epidemic in history has killed thousands of people and left tens of thousands more ill in the meantime, hunger strikes are ongoing across the nation as citizens peacefully protest against the oppression of the government. They are also accused of launching unrestrained bombing operations against rebel-held zones with no regard for civilian lives or infrastructure targets.

Yemen’s 16 million hungry people are suffering daily due to a deteriorating health system. With nowhere else for help aside from their homes, living or dead COVID19 virus sufferers are simply wasting away because medical professionals do not have access to their communities anymore; Too engaged in fighting each other rather than trying to save lives.

The worsening conditions in the country has created the perfect setting for sexual transmission of HIV. 4 million people are living in poverty, without a permanent residence and are unable to eat because food prices continue increase, while wages remain stagnant. Not enough money is available for essential needs such as drinking water that is safe or health care. That’s why it’ll be difficult to contain the spread of this deadly disease without help from abroad. But, we need to act quickly before it’s too too late.

The Yemenite people have been fighting against the spread of Cholera for quite some time and are not entirely safe yet. With the support of international organizations such as World Vision UK and Save The Children US and COVID 19 in place it appears that there may finally be some promise on the horizon.

What Welfare Trusts can be used to help Yemenis

These trusts have the capacity to provide water and food for millions in an era of extreme suffering. They also offer COVID-19 hygiene kits as well to help prevent the spread of this disease that has killed a lot of people in Yemen already.

In Yemen, welfare trusts have worked tirelessly over the last few years to help those who are in need. They continue delivering humanitarian aid under extreme circumstances where they are in conflict and have difficulty getting to their destinations, which is the reason there’s an urgent need for international organizations like them.

This is a time of struggle for many, and we’re grateful we have assistance for those in need. By working with local partner groups and providing food and cash so that people can purchase basic items while helping the economy, we hope to get to a reduction in hunger, or at a minimum, closer to the point they were.

Women in Yemen have received an opportunity to live their lives again because of the numerous generous donors who donate their time and money to help this cause. Maternity hospitals are a welfare trust, receive donations of charity to ensure every woman can deliver safely without suffering from illness or dehydration during labor. Rehabilitation units provide post-birth care and medication for mothers prior to returning back to society.

As a response to COVID-19, many welfare trusts are now providing hygiene kits for families living in makeshift camps, and are supplying safe water that can be used by public institutions like hospitals or schools.

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