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All You Need to Know About Latency

Latency measures how long it takes your computer to react to an action, such as clicking on the link. While this will not affect the majority of users’ Spotify listening or streaming videos, it may cause problems for gamers who are using satellite internet. Satellite internet works with more precision than wired connections. This can cause poor performance in games due to the high rate of loss of packets due to lengthy pings.

Latency refers to the time interval between the input (in this case, an anchor) and the time it’s delivered to others. Latency can also affect your responsiveness if you play online video games or view YouTube videos on the internet. This is due to the fact that they may not be precise in their timing due to their speed in fiber optic cables.

What causes Latency?

Gamers and End-users can experience latency issues. The variables that affect your latency are the distance between your computer and the server, and everything else that is in between such as the type of internet connection or Wi-Fi’s strength (or the lack of it). You can also have an effect on the router/modem combination that you are using There are numerous options! If it seems complex initially, do not fret because we’re going to go over each step in detail.


The term “latency” refers to the amount of time it takes for information to travel from one location in space and into another. This is the distance between your computer and a server(s), which is the amount of data you’re requesting from said machine. If this distance is not sufficient, then there will be an increase in latency.

Propagation Delay

One of the most crucial elements in determining how much latency you experience when browsing using your computer or mobile device is called “propagation delay.” It’s easy to think about it as a singular factor but it’s a major factor that affects all other measures of connectivity speed and bandwidth that we consider, including speed of downloads (because these depend on getting data packets back from where they’re being sent) and uploads that rely on having a network interface card. The same applies with connecting wirelessly too.

Different kinds of Internet Connection

There is a distinct difference between the latency of various internet connections. Cable and DSL both have lower speed, while fiber is the highest average. Satellite is generally slow due to its design which needs more space for transmission. This causes long wait times, as well as a higher buffering capabilities on websites that you need access to music video or audio files.

What’s on a site?

Have you ever clicked on a link and waited to wait for the page to load before clicking again? It’s because someone was trying too hard on their Angelfire page. They put The Office memes all over it, and every time you visit it, it takes longer than it normally does.

Your web browser must download massive files, like videos, or HD images when you go to a site. There will be latency due to the fact they might be hosted on an outside server.

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